Centuries ago in a land far far away…..


Sugar – the real stuff, was straight from the cane- It was rare and precious as gold.

But today it is the center of every celebration- When we think of a treat we think of sugar. This is a problem for our nation and our future as a healthy society! The more we eat the fatter and sicker we become.

The problem with sugar isn’t the obvious stuff like cake and pie, it is the hidden stuff we don’t think about or even imagine. Much research has been done regarding the effects of sugar on our health. It is well studied. The end result is that we know it causes Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, and cancer. When you think about that list of illnesses why would you ever eat it? The answer is that we are truly addicted!

As I said in the first installation about sugar we eat about 100lbs of added sugars a year as Americans.That equals twenty-five 5lb bags…..

It is reported that the food manufacturers have “sugar-jacked” the food supply, adding sweeteners to virtually every process food we eat.

So, my friends, it is safe to say our food supply has changed. It is not like the old days. Here are some statistics to think about:

In 1973- 13 % of men and 17% of women had a BMI >30

by 1980-18% of men and 25% of women had a BMI>30

By 2003 -32%of men and 35% of women had a BMI>30

So what happened? I believe it is the insidious practice of added sugar and fat to our nation’s foods. I believe it is the choices and the availability of fast food. I also believe we have stopped cooking at home and a good majority of us have forgotten how to cook for our families.

Mom and Dad are busy, exhausted and overburdened by many things. Grandma and Grandpa don’t live with families anymore.

We have put ourselves and our well-being aside to make money and raise super talented overachieving children. We have dismissed creating a life for our family and replaced it with achieving our goals.

So I say the obesity and health crisis in this country is a multifaceted problem. There are things we need to change. Let’s start with you and your families health.

This week’s homework?

  1. Read every label and do not eat any food with over 5 grams of sugar per serving. I would like to hear what you find and what surprised you.
  2. Cook dinner for your family at least three times this week Using all of the rules.

The rules:
No Alcohol( High in sugar)
No soda/ only lemon water and lots of it!
No foods that have over 2 gm of fat per serving
No foods that have over 5 grams of sugar per serving
40 grams of Fiber every 24 hrs.
All food is organic if possible



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