The Roasting of the roots

The veggies are organic and of the root variety …It will be a hit tonight at Sunday dinner.

Here is the deal:

1. Spray pan with spray olive oil on top of tin foil

2. Sprinkle salt and pepper as well as garlic and rosemary on the bottom

3. place the veggies on top

Sweet Potatoes, Red beets, Carrots, and Onions

4. repeat step #2

Roast covered with Tin Foil at 375 for 90 minutes.

Place leftovers in a covered dish and eat all week long over brown rice.

Yummy for your tummy


3 thoughts on “The Roasting of the roots

    • I actually should have been a little clearer. I use spray olive oil actually. I cannot use regular oil as the fat content ( 14gr per teaspoon) is just too much fat for me. My program does not allow for over 2.5 gr of fat per serving of food. I try these little “hacks” so I can eat healthily and still eat yummily.


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