I cannot believe I ate that!

So many people have moments of regret about food. It seems as if we torture ourselves at times when we have a lapse and eat things we know are not good for us. But we need to remember that this is a marathon not a sprint ( as they say). Life is messy and we are not machines that can be programmed to never fail. I am afraid our algorithms are just not perfect.

But what are the triggers? I know for one when I drank it was the alcohol that gave me convenient amnesia that I didn’t need to care about what I ate. After all, this was a special occasion ( weren’t they all)……..

I was with a friend the other day and she had a glass of Champagne. This wasn’t typical for her and while she was drinking the Champagne she reaches over and had some cheese and some chips. Not that that is the end of the world but afterward she said ” I just ate all of the cheese and chips, I can’t believe I did that! This is a familiar situation for all of us.

I’ve heard of folks that smoke cigarettes when they drink. They don’t smoke typically but the alcohol somehow gives them permission.

Alcohol is a huge trigger for food issues. So just don’t do it!

Some tips on going out for a “drink”

  1. Eat before you go
  2. Order a soda and lemon
  3. Learn to enjoy the company
  4. Feel good that you didn’t drink your calories
  5. Know you can drive your car without concern
  6. Know you can help someone else if they need a ride
  7. If you have a drink then follow it up with a glass of water.
  8. Never have more than 1-1/2 oz of alcohol per hour
  9. Think about have a non-alcoholic beer i.e. O’Douls amber, it isn’t bad at all.


However, my friends if you are following my plan….your not drinking at all.



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