Sweet spot in Seattle…ooh la la Loulays

When you have an invitation to dinner and drinks that’s a good thing right? Well, the other night my colleague and I had a dinner meeting. Now back in the day ( 2 years ago) this would mean cocktails and little thought about ingredients…just bring it on!

That was the old me, the fat unhealthy me ( see earlier posting of the picture) The new me had another plan.

When we arrived at this very hip new spot in downtown Seattle, we were greeted, coat checked and seated. We were watered and offered menus…then the dreaded “can I get you anything to drink to start off”.  Now there was a time I would have ordered a Vodka Martini three olives dry. But not now…..

Our waiter was a very sweet, 30 something guy and anxious to please. But I think we threw him a curve ball when we ordered pots of tea. In case you were not aware pots of tea are the official drink of old ladies. He attempted to persuade us toward the interesting and overpriced non-alcoholic concoctions, but we held fast. Especially when my work mate reassured him we would take care of him tip wise as if we had racked up a big bar bill. He was visibly pleased.

The post tonight, however, is really about the food. Loulays is a beautiful restaurant located on 5th and Union downtown. It has an ambiance of older well-established restaurants but in fact has been there less than 2 years.

When I go into any restaurant these days I find the higher end it is the more willing they are to modify the preparation of your meal. This is wonderful as it increases my choices considerably. I ordered the trout and changed it so it would fit into my rules:

The Menu


Salad with fresh greens and vinaigrette on the side. I only drizzle about a teaspoon of any dressing on my salad and sometimes will simply put salt and pepper and squeeze lemon on top. You would be surprised at how great that taste!

Main course

Trout with Brussel sprouts and Sweet Potato puree.

 Here are the modifications I asked for
  1. Sear Brussel sprouts in a 1/2 teaspoon of oil and add water if needed
  2. Braise trout on grill or spray oil
  3. No brown butter sauce on Trout
  4. Put only a small amount of almonds on top ( they added more than that as you can see but this was easily corrected)
  5. I took the skin off myself at the table.
I will tell you that the modifications I made saved hundreds of calories on this meal and came close to keeping my fat content within goals of my eating plan.
Our food was delicious and our waiter James was fantastic.
I would make some recommendations when you go out to eat:
1. Always have the warm bread ( no butter or oil)
2.Avoid red meat, lamb, Salmon, Mackerel( high in fat)
3.Always get the dressing on the side and always have a vinegarette
4.Always get more vegetables added to your order
5. Ask how things are prepared and request modifications.
6. Avoid chicken skin or other skins.
Posh tri-level fixture is known for chef Thierry Rauturaeau’s creative spin on classic French cuisine.
Address: 600 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101

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